NOAA, Polynesian Voyaging Society Agreement Aims to Shed Light on Changing Environment

A landmark day aboard Hōkūleʻa as NOAA and PVS strengthened a decades long partnership when NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad, Ph.D. and PVS CEO Nainoa Thompson signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), bringing a focus on our changing environment and promising mutual support for the Moananuiākea Voyage and voyages to come.

Spinrad said: “Partnerships like this, where we combine traditional science with indigenous knowledge, are key to empowering communities with the knowledge and tools necessary to adapt to environmental, social and economic changes.”

Thompson said: “As NOAA is watching the Earth, they give us information so we can make better choices, but it’s not just about finding islands anymore for us. It’s about taking care of the only one we have: The Earth.”

In addition to continued access to NOAAʻs weather and marine expertise to keep us safe, the MOU also enriches PVSʻ educational and outreach initiatives that are related to NOAAʻs mission of science, service and stewardship.

NOAA Release: