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With your support, Polynesian Voyaging Society can continue to preserve the traditional art and science of voyaging by relying solely on knowledge of our natural surroundings. With your contribution, we can also disseminate our knowledge, inspiring 10 million navigators who will spearhead the journey towards a sustainable future for Island Earth. Your involvement is instrumental in perpetuating this ancient legacy and empowering a global community of visionary leaders.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether you are an individual donor or a large corporation, we welcome you to partner with PVS on our monumental 47-month Moananuiākea Pacific circumnavigation, driven by a dedicated team of volunteer crew members who are committed to planetary renaissance and supported by donors like you.

Become a PVS Member

By becoming a PVS member, you are supporting the legacy of voyaging and the vital principle of mālama honua—caring for Island Earth. As our mahalo, you will receive an annual PVS decal and t-shirt with 20% off all online purchases.

PVS Specialty License Plates

PVS specialty license plates are now available in Honolulu at every Satellite City Hall facility as well as on Hawaiʻi
Island, Kauaʻi and Maui. You can walk in and get them, or make an appointment. 


Participate in the 47-month Moananuiākea circumnavigation of the Pacific with a pledge. Each sponsorship level is accrued over the course of the voyage. We appreciate your generocity and support.


The Hawaiian name for the Southern Cross constellation means “to be cared for by the moon.” The light of the moon allows voyagers to see the horizon and measure distance to the bottom star of the Southern Cross. This tells them when they have reached Hawai‘i. For those who pledge $1 million or more
Mahalo to our early supporters:
Hawaiian Airlines
Blue Nature Alliance
Oak Foundation

Ao ‘Ōpua

A bank of cumulus clouds. At low levels, Ao ‘Ōpua are welcome sights to navigators because they signal good wind. For those who pledge $500,000
Mahalo to our early supporters:
DAWSON Hawai‘i

Pō Mahina Poepoe

The nights of the bright, round moon. Nights like these make it easier to see the horizon, making it easier for Navigators to measure the distance to the stars. For those who pledge $100,000
Mahalo to our early supporters:
Matson, HEI Charitable Foundation, Atherton Family Foundation, State of Hawaii, Harold K.L Castle Foundation, Hawai‘i Community Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, Schmidt Family Foundation

Hōkū Hele

Literally “traveling star,” Hōkū Hele signifies a planet whose brightness provides directional clues. For those who pledge $25,000
Mahalo to our early supporters:
Patagonia, John M. Abramson Fund, Engaging the Senses Foundation, Jennifer Wythes Vettel Family Fund,  Terry Causey, Alaska Airlines, Carmel and Kent Lowry, Alaska Marine Lines, 11th Hour Racing


The planet Venus in the morning, before sunrise. This is the brightest of the planets. For those who pledge over $1,000
Mahalo to our early supporters:
Marisla Foundation, Maxwell Hanrahan Foundation, Ama Olukai, Kevin Hopper, AC Kobayashi Family Foundation, Salesforce, Oceans Dream, Vita Planning and Landscape Architecture, Lewis Pirkle Foundation, Victorine and Peter Merriman, Daniel Peykoff, Weissman Family Foundation, Gloria Kosasa Gainsley Fund, John Chuka, Poha Fund, Ronette Kawakami, Dan Cohen

Sponsor a crewmember

We estimate we will need 400 volunteer crew members over 47 months. Your sponsorship honors their
$1,000 per crewmember
Mahalo to our early supporters:
Jef Fleener, CS Fund, James and Victoria Merchant, Starbucks Foundation, Lavonne Hara, Bruce and Janna Chandler

Sponsor A Mile

Join our mission to mālama honua — care for the Earth. $250 per mile
Mahalo to our early supporters:
Adele Chong, Hawaii Life and Disability Insurance Guaranty Association, Mr and Mrs Uwe Nahuina, Malia Lee, Lawrence and Mary Ann Lambert, Cole Ohana, Cathleen Keene, Diane Warncke, William T White III Trust, Ulu Niu Foundation, Barbara Bennett, Mark Olsoe Charitable, Fritz & Clare Liebhardt, Elaine Vigneau, David Lemon, Kathryne Kent, Kim Wachter, Dana Hankins, Ann Botticelli, Jim Marshall, John Frew, National Pac American Leaders, Louise Pape, Barbara Kiakona

*Each sponsorship level is accrued over the course of the voyage


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