November 3, 2023 | Leg 9, Day 12

November 3, 2023 | Leg 9, Day 12.
Newport, California 

Today, we got to experience other aspects that affect the Pacific Ocean. In the morning we toured the OCC seamanship training center. We got to use their full mission bridge simulator and took the helm of several different ships. Training centers such as these are vital in creating the next generation of mariners, providing a positive base for sailors to leave a positive impact on our oceans.

In the afternoon we went to several places in Huntington Beach, namely Duke’s restaurant and the Huntington Beach International Surf Museum. Places like this tell an excellent story of the history of surfers and their positive effects on the ocean. The crew was able to pay our respects to those who have come before us: Duke Kahanamoku and Eddie Aikau being two well-loved ambassadors of Aloha. Learning about heroes gives us examples of how we can impact the community in a positive way.