PVS Specialty License Plates

Plates are now available in Honolulu at every Satellite City Hall facility as well as on Hawaiʻi Island, Kauaʻi and Maui. You can walk in and get them, or make an appointment. The Q and A below has all of the details on when and how to buy plates in each county.

PVS Specialty License Plates

Q: How do I purchase a PVS license plate?
A: It varies by county as follows:

On Oʻahu in Honolulu County:
• The plates will be available at all Satellite City Halls or by mail request.
• A registered car owner may make an AlohaQ appointment at any Satellite City Hall or
simply walk in using their “Express Service Line” (no appointment necessary).
AlohaQ: https://alohaq.honolulu.gov/
• You will not have to turn in your old plates at the time of purchase; it is recommended that
they destroy them or drop off old plates at a satellite at a later date.
• Download and fill out this
form: http://www.honolulu.gov/rep/site/csd/onlineforms/cslmvr211.pdf
• Bring the form; your current vehicle registration; and make a payment of $35.50 at any
Satellite City Hall location.

In Hawaiʻi County:
• Make an appointment under “Speciality License Plate” at this
site: https://vehicleregistrationlicensing.as.me/specialtyplates
In Maui County:
• DMV offices are in Kahului, Kihei and Lahaina on Maui. Appointments are required. Check
for availability at www.mauicounty.gov/dmv. Contact Maui DMV Call Center at 808-270-7363
for questions.
• 309 Seventh Street #101 on Lanaʻi
• Mitchell Pauole Center on Molokaʻi
• County Public Works Office in Hana
• Vehicle’s registered owner must turn their certificate of registration and both license plates.
DMV’s Customer Service Representative will assist you in completing the appropriate forms.

In Kaua’i County:
• Kauai’s DMV office is on Rice Street in Lihue
• The plates are available through appointments, e-tickets and walk-in services
• Distribution will be first-come, first-served
• Please fill out this form: http://www.honolulu.gov/rep/site/csd/onlineforms/cslmvr211.pdf

Q: What is the cost of the plates?
A: Initial plates cost $35.50.

This includes a one-time cost of $10.50 for the plate production
and new registration emblem. PVS will receive $20 for each plate purchased and the City will
receive a $5 Administrative fee. This $25 fee will recur annually, with PVS receiving $20 to
further our mission.

Q: Will I be required to re-register my car to get new license plates?
A: Only if your vehicle registration is expired or will expire within 45 days of the processing of the PVS plate replacement, the applicable renewal fees and taxes for the next year will be assessed.
Q: Will there be different plates for electric vehicles? In my County, EV owners have special privileges and our plates identify our cars as EV.
A: You may use the PVS plates on your electric vehicle.

However, the plate does not identify the vehicle as electric, so you may lose some of the privileges enjoyed by those with EV license plates. These privileges vary by county.

Q: Will I be able to keep my current plate number, or will I be assigned a new one?
A: You will be assigned a new plate number.

Your vehicle will be assigned a new PVS organizational plate in sequential order.

Q: Will I be able to have both a PVS plate and a personalized plate number?
A: No, there is no option at this time of offer personalized PVS plates at this time.
Q: I am a disabled driver, and I have a different license plate. Is this plate available to me?
A: To obtain a PVS plate, you will have to give up your disability license plate. You will need
to use your disability placard.
Q: Will this be available for motorcycles as well?
A: Sorry, PVS plates are not available for motorcycles.
Q: Will I have to give up my plate if I sell my car?
A: No, a regular plate replacement should be processed prior to the sale.

Inform the processing clerk that you would like to retain the PVS plates for future assignment and the plate will be held for you.

Q: Will I receive both a front and back plate?
A: Yes, two organizational plates are issued.
Q: Is it possible to have these plates treated with a certified UV coating to prevent fading?
A: No, the manufacturer produces the plates adhering to strict manufacturing guidelines and
Q: I am from another state. May I buy a blank plate?
A: No, blank plates are not available for any of our organizational plates.


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PVS Specialty License Plates

PVS specialty license plates are now available in Honolulu at every Satellite City Hall facility as well as on Hawaiʻi
Island, Kauaʻi and Maui. You can walk in and get them, or make an appointment.