Crew Profile

ʻĀina Paikai


Waiau, Oʻahu


Moananuiākea Voyage – Leg 7: Tacoma to San Francisco


ʻĀinaʻs first time on a waʻa kaulua was more than a decade ago and it was on Hōkūleʻa, crossing the Kauaʻi channel from Haleʻiwa to Hanalei. To ʻĀina, Hōkūleʻa is “mama. A source of pride, strength, and resurgence of our Hawaiian people.”

ʻĀina says he “would like to see voyagers find a place in our economic reality.” He would love to see voyaging canoes operating as cargo carriers or ferries, thereby creating job opportunities for the skilled voyagers who volunteer for a voyage leg.

ʻĀina is a filmmaker and sailed extensively during Mālama Honua, the worldwide voyage, as a crew documenter. He takes on that role during Moananuiākea as well. He says “the Moananuiākea Voyage is inspiring as it allows us to connect to our Pacific family. All of us call this ocean home and have been raised by her for generations. Iʻm sure we have so much in common, especially with our seafaring crafts and delectable seafoods, and I canʻt wait to meet and learn from our Pacifika cousins.”

ʻĀina says he misses his family when out at sea, and when back on land in his everyday life, he misses “the sense of exploration and adventure” on the ocean.