Crew Profile

Brittany Kamai


Waiʻanae and Pauoa Valley, Oʻahu


Moananuiākea Voyage – Leg 6: Vancouver to Seattle


Brittanyʻs lifeʻs work is dedicated to the heavens and the ocean, as an Astrophysicist and Conservationist. Her first time on a waʻa kaulua was just a year and a half before the start of Moananuiākea. She was invited on Hōkūleʻa for a training sail in Mamala Bay.

Brittany says Hōkūleʻa “is one of the most powerful, healing forces on the planet by centering us to be the best version of ourselves. Thanks to Hōkūleʻa and all of the many hearts that breathe life into her, I could see the wisdom of our Pacific Islander peoples broadcast beyond our shores. She inspires me as I watch her move people into creating a better life for themselves, their ʻohana, community and humanity.” For herself, she says “Hōkūleʻa has always brought me hope. I could always see powerful Hawaiians doing amazing things and be able to say to others ʻSee, we are amazing, no matter what you folks say.” She calls Moananuiākea her “favorite person” she loves to spend time with. She says this voyage “resonates deep within my soul and the reason I moved back home. This voyage is wrapping our arms around our beloved ocean by connecting our broader Pacific ʻohana who shares this reverence. Our Pacific Ocean desperately needs us and we need her. This voyage is going to help more people understand their kuleana to support her. “

When sailing Brittany craves her “soft cozy bed and snuggling with my loves” at home. When on land, back in her everyday life, what she misses most about being at sea is “Presence. Spending quality time with the ocean. When youʻre out at sea, you spend hours listening and talking with the ocean.”