Crew Profile

Michi Wong


East Los Angeles


Moananuiākea Voyage – Leg 1: Juneau to Yakutat, Moananuiākea Voyage – Leg 2: Yakutat to Juneau


Michi is a Clinical Psychologist who first sailed on Hōkūleʻa in 2007. It was a short sail from the Marine Education and Training Center (METC) at Sand Island to Waikīkī and back, but it was enough to fuel a lasting love for all that Hōkūleʻa embodies. “Hōkūleʻa stirs my heart and nurtures my spirit,” she says. “She heightens my sense of interconnectedness and inspires me to do more to protect the precious gift of life on our island earth.”

Michi has been an avid volunteer wherever needed - canoe, dry dock, escort boat. She was a crew member on the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage, and says: “I am humbled by the privilege to sail with Hōkūleʻa, her crews, the many hands and the many who went before. She is the vessel of healing. Moananiuākea inspires me to be fully present and mindful, convey the kindness and aloha that Hōkūleʻa embodies, with the hope that each and every person we meet, feels our sincerity and aloha.”

Salt water showers are what you get when voyaging, so fresh water showers are often missed, but add to that the icy cold salt water in some ports like Alaska, and Michi easily says a hot water shower is what she craves most while sailing. When sheʻs not voyaging, her list of what she misses is a bit longer. “I miss the crew and the nonstop being with each other while basking in the continuous beauty of sunrise, sunsets, starry nights, wind and ocean swells. And when can, the fresh water rain rinse.”