Crew Profile

Perrin James


Hawaiʻi Island


North Pacific Gyre


Perrin is a filmmaker, renowned for his underwater camera work. He was beyond excited about his first sail on a waʻa kaulua: a 2022 voyage aboard Hikianalia from Honolulu to Lalo in Papahānaumokuākea. And he is hooked.

Perrin sees Hōkūleʻa as “a symbol of where we came from, but also of where we are going.” In addition, she “is a way of sharing hope and knowledge while perpetuating the Hawaiian culture.” He hopes through voyaging, Hōkūleʻa’s continuing story is “shared around the world.”

Perrin looks forward to putting away technology and giving in to that feeling of being present, which life at sea demands. Since that voyage to Lalo, there is a specific food item cooked up by our renowned veteran crew member/chef Gary Yuen that Perrin misses - “Uncle Garyʻs Malasadas.”