October 27, 2023 | Leg 9, Day 5

October 27, 2023 | Leg 9, Day 5. 
Marina Del Rey, CA.

Today, we had a wonderful day with the community of Marina del Rey. In the morning, we hosted tours for some community members who had arranged for them in advance. In the afternoon, we opened the tours to the public and welcomed more visitors. In the evening, we joined an event at the Patagonia store in Santa Monica, where we answered questions and shared stories about navigating on the canoe. We are always thrilled to connect with the community and exchange our experiences and perspectives on the journey that we embarked on. We answered questions like “what do we eat?”, “where do we sleep?”, “how do we go to the bathroom?”. We look forward to spending more time with the community in the next few days through public tours, other outreach events and answering questions that other community members might have.


Noah Paoa