October 30, 2023 | Leg 9, Day 8

October 30, 2032 | Leg 9 Day 8.
Marina del Rey to Newport, CA

Today was a day filled with family and fellowship. Early this morning, we bid farewell to Marina Del Rey and expressed our gratitude to all who have supported us. Hōkūle’a set sail on a course to Newport Beach. Around seven hours later, with sails unfurled and the evidence of sunglass tan lines clear on our faces, Hōkūle’a made her entry into Newport with the blessing of the Indigenous community. A heartfelt mahalo to everyone who assisted in guiding Hōkūle’a to her berth. We owe a special note of appreciation to the Acjachemen Nation for their warm welcome, embracing Hōkūle’a and her crew on their land with song, dance, and open hearts.

On a personal note, mahalo to my family for your unwavering support throughout this journey. I carry your love with me wherever I go.