September 2, 2023 | Leg 7, Day 1

September 2, 2023 | Leg 7, Day 1. 

Leg 7 from Tacoma, Washington to San Francisco, California is underway.  A majority of our crew landed at Sea-Tac and made it back to Mama Hōkūleʻa where she is docked at the Foss Waterway Seaport. Today we spent a majority of our day engaging with the Tacoma community, many of whom are transplants from Hawaiʻi.  

In force, wearing their Maui Strong shirts, you could see the pride emanating from their bodies once they were on board.  We’re told that Washington has the 2nd largest population of Hawaiians on the continent and for our crew, who has had a lot of native engagement coming down from Alaska, it was nice to see familiar looking faces and taste a home-cooked Chicken Long Rice, Shoyu Chicken, and Mac Salad meal provided by the Kīkaha Canoe Club .  Aboard Hōkūleʻa, under the Hawaiian flag flapping beneath the warmth of the Tacoma sun, a joyous occasion was had by all and it was a great welcome for our new crew’s Leg 7 adventure.

– ʻĀina Paikai