Three Days in Metlakatla, Next Stop: Hydaburg

After three days in Metlakatla, Hokulea is scheduled to depart tomorrow morning for a 12-hour sail to Hydaburg. The crew members have been conducting canoe tours while enjoying the warm hospitality of the Metlakatla community. The crew were also invited to participate in the town’s July 4th parade and other festivities. Metlakatla, which means “salt water passage,” is a settlement of the Indigenous Tsimshian people and is the only Indian reservation in Alaska. Here’s an update from crewmember Michael Wilson:

While working on the canoe in the morning, local harvester Betsy brought the crew a bag of fresh abalone and demonstrated to Hokulea crewmember and cook Gary Yuen the best way to prepare them for cooking. An astonishing lunch was provided by our host Melodie Leask (known affectionately as Grandma Love) at her daughter Naomi’s house. We had dungeness crabs, smoked salmon and octopus. After lunch there was a presentation by David Robert Boxley at the Community Center where PVS was presented with a paddle and a drum. Following the dinner, Captain Bruce Blankenfeld presented about the voyage and the crew danced and sang for the community. Following the presentation the entire community danced for the crew at the gym.